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First Night Tips

First Night Tips

Today, there seems to be more pressure to make this night amazing and to do something thats WOW....

Its your first wedding night as husband and wife.
Passionate yet nervous?
Tempted yet hesitant?

An array of mixed feelings keep your heart and mind occupied. Rushing into sex the very moment you are alone is not the way. You need to have a lot of trust and confidence before you offer yourself completely to someone. Make your after marriage first night most unforgettable and enchanting with these valuable tips for first night that will set the perfect mood.

Best Tips for First Wedding Night

Dont Rush

Nervousness and anticipation to make your 1st wedding night most amazing often drives a person to rush, which may ruin the fun and excitement. One of the best things is to relax. Dont be in a hurry to get indulged into love making. Welcome that special person in your life with lot of love, and dont make that most prominent with lust. Women need some time to gain confidence before they indulge into something enchanting on the first night of their wedding.

Flirt with Each Other

Nothing is more effective to cope with your nervousness and hesitance, and prepare for your first night than flirting with each other right during the wedding. Whether it is a love marriage or arranged, take out time from attending guests to meet your partners gaze, touch each other, pay compliments, and even steal kisses when no one is watching. This will set the perfect mood for the honeymoon night. Once you are alone in the room, continue flirting with your partner. Gift your partner something special. Indulge into foreplay. This will ease both of you and love making will then feel more comfortable and natural.

Set the Perfect Mood

Visually tempt your partner by slipping into something sexy that you are comfortable in, and will also arouse the other person instantly. Light aromatic candles, play romantic music, and cover the bed with rose petals. Simply be yourself and love will naturally take over.

Try Something New or Unique

Its your first night post wedding. No wonder, you will like it to be most amazing and memorable for a lifetime. So, why not make the effort yourself? Try something new and different on your first night that is enchanting, enigmatic, and enthralling. But make sure your partner is comfortable with it.

First Night is fascinating for anyone. Many people do not know how to face it. Also 1st wedding night leaves the firm foundation for future relationships. Couples are little nervous about the first night. Below are some of the first night gift ideas which can help you to overcome your anxiety.

Surprise gift

You can surprise your loved ones with a gift that will make your partner happy about you. A truly unique gift for lady can be anything from pendant, rings, necklace to sweet honeymoon package or a good glamorous outfit. For your man you can choose from perfumes, accessories, luxurious watch to high end electronic gadget.

Know more about each other

Knowing each other well is a unique key of any successful marriage and it starts from your first night. It is very important to be open in your first ever communication and share amazing moments you spend in past with your family friends. This will help your partner to understand your nature and your likes.

Room Ambience

You may be tired of wedding day the stress factor is always high on the wedding day. So decorate your room that matches with your interest. You can decorate the room with the exotic flowers, scented candles, good music & good bed sheets.

Forget Friends & Relatives & its time to enjoy

Sometimes on wedding day you tend to talk a lot about your friends and relatives n forget to enjoy yourself. In wedding day since all the friends come together you tend to spend time with them so ideally wrap your meeting and give time to your partner.

The above after marriage wedding night tips will definitely help you to relax & stay calm.